HTC Desire v iPhone

June 15, 2010 · Posted in Money, Tech · 2 Comments 
HTC Desire

HTC Desire

A couple of months ago I got a new phone; I chose the HTC Desire. As I’m known to be somewhat obsessed with phones and their features, people often ask me for advice about their next purchase. “Why that phone instead of the iPhone?” (or words to that effect). It still seems that the only smartphone most people want is the ‘Jesus phone’, but I’ve always found myself wondering why. In the early days competition wasn’t great – you were looking at a WinMo or Blackberry – but even then the iPhone was always style-over-substance. Remember when iPhones had a 2MP camera that could only manage stills not video? Around about that time I got an HTC Diamond (3.2MP) and was shooting video and copy-and-pasting text like an Apple fanboy could only dream about.
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