Android on the O2 Joggler

March 22, 2011 · Posted in Tech · Comment 

Joggler running Android

Joggler running Android

Last year I bought an O2 Joggler for the rather bargain price of £50 from my local O2 shop. A few weeks later I returned to see if I could buy another one, but they were out of stock and weren’t sure when they would get another one in. It later transpired that O2 have discontinued this line, which is a shame as it’s potentially an excellent product.

It’s a little x86 Atom-powered capacitive touchscreen computer that consumes around 8W, so is ideal for leaving on all the time, and it’s small so can be left on a shelf or worktop. The operating system is a Linux distro called OpenPeak and has been customised by O2 for the device.
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